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How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We ask that you allow up to 2 weeks for custom orders to be processed and shipped, although they will likely be shipped out sooner. All nails are hand painted/designed and we want you to have the most gorgeous nails, we take quality very seriously.

Ready to ship sets will be shipped within 24 hours from your order being placed, unless otherwise notified.

How do I know what size to order?

We recommend purchasing the sample size kit to get the most accurate fit for your custom nails. Once you have purchased the sample kit a coupon code will be sent to you for 10% off your first order, which pretty much equals a free sample set after your full set is purchased. 

However, we do have a sizing chart if you do not wish to purchase the sample size kit.

Disclaimer: If the sizes you select are incorrect we are not held responsible for the error and you can choose to purchase replacement nails from our accessories page, at your own expense. 

Are my custom nails reusable?

Yes they are reusable, but the method you use to apply them and how well you care for them will determine how many times you can reuse them. We recommend using an inexpensive electric file to buff the under surface of the nails to remove any glue residue from prior uses.

Do you accept returns?

We want you to be happy with your order, and will strive to give you the best quality products and customer care…unfortunately since the nails are made my hand for your specific needs ALL SALES ARE FINAL. If you are not 100% pleased with your order please contact Customer Care so we can address your concerns.

Do you ship international?

As we are a newly launched brand we are keeping our shipping in the CONTINENTAL US ONLY at this time. We would love to expand internationally at some point, stay tuned for updates.

How long will the nails stay on?

This depends on how you apply them and how rough you are with your hands. Please see the guide below for wear lengths:

1-2 days ~ Apply  a dot of nail glue to the center of your nail and press custom nail on.

3-5 days ~ Apply nail glue over the full nail bed, staying away from cuticles and sides of nail then press custom nail on.

1-3 weeks ~ Apply nail glue over the full nail bed and on the custom nail as well. Press the custom nail onto nail bed and hold for 30 seconds. (DO NOT wash hands or use lotion for 2-4 hours after applying nails for maximum strength adhesion.) Meli Tip: Do it at night just before going to bed and you’ll be good to go in the AM.

What comes with the nails?

Every full set of nails comes in a reusable tin with a nail care kit. The nail care kit contains everything you need to expertly apply your new custom nails: A disposable nail file, A Cuticle Stick, Nail Glue and 2 Alcohol Pads.

How do I put on my new Custom Nails?

The following is our preferred method for applying your new custom nails so you look like you just left the nail salon, maybe a touch better!

First, begin by trimming your natural nails and using the provided cuticle stick to push your cuticles back and ensure that your nail bed is clean of skin and dirt.

Second, you’ll want to use the nail file to slightly scuff your natural nail to create texture for the glue to adhere to.

Then use the Alcohol pads to wipe away any dust from filing and oils from the nails to ensure your natural nails are dehydrated and ready for the custom nails.

Following the “Wear Lengths” Chart above apply your nail glue and press the nail on for 30 seconds, follow these steps on each nail and you are set to beYOUtiful!

What if one of my nails break, can I buy a replacement?

Yes, individual nails can be purchased once you have purchased a full set (10 or more nails) but please keep in mind that the free shipping only applies to purchases over $25. If your nails arrive to you damaged, please contact Customer Care immediately.

Do you work with Influencers?

Yes of course, we do. If you’d like to be considered for our PR List please contact us at with your IG Handle and why you want to be on our PR and someone will respond if you are selected. 


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